Cmaid_Value Struct Reference
[The Value Definition Structure]

The value structure. More...

#include <cmaid_value.h>

Data Fields

Cmaid_Value_Compare_Cb cmp
Cmaid_Value_Hash_Cb hash
int size
struct {
   Cmaid_Value_Size_Cb   size
   Cmaid_Value_Copy_Cb   copy
   Cmaid_Value_Free_Cb   free
struct {
   Cmaid_Value_Clone_Cb   dup
   Cmaid_Value_Free_Cb   free

Detailed Description

The value structure.

Field Documentation

for sets, maps and sort

if NULL memmove

unused if NULL

if NULL unused

unused if NULL

only called in hash tables

struct { ... } Cmaid_Value::pointer

used if size == 0

only called if size < 0

the size of the data

  • 0 for pointer,
  • -1 for variable length

struct { ... } Cmaid_Value::sized

used if size != 0

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