The Linked List Implementation
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The linked list implementation. More...


EAPI Cmaid_Listcmaid_linked_list_new (const Cmaid_Value *v)
 Creates a new list using the hash implementation.


EAPI const Cmaid_List_Interface cmaid_linked_list_list_if
EAPI const const

Detailed Description

The linked list implementation.

The linked list is a double linked list implementation, providing a list class. Insert, append and prepend are O(1) operations.

Function Documentation

EAPI Cmaid_List* cmaid_linked_list_new ( const Cmaid_Value v  ) 

Creates a new list using the hash implementation.

v The value structure defining the type of the objects used in the list
Returns a newly allocated list, if an allocation error occurs, NULL is returned This functions is creating a listt with the linked list as implementation.

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