The Iterator Interface
[The Iterator Class]

Data Structures

struct  Cmaid_Iter_Interface
 The Iter Interface structure The iterator interface provides functions to navigate through a container. More...


#define CMAID_ITER_FUNC(it)   ((it)->interface)
 Macro to get the iterator interface.


typedef void(* Cmaid_Iter_Start_Cb )(Cmaid_Iter *it)
typedef void *(* Cmaid_Iter_Iter_Goto_Cb )(Cmaid_Iter *it, const Cmaid_Iter *to_it)
typedef void *(* Cmaid_Iter_Index_Goto_Cb )(Cmaid_Iter *it, int index)
typedef void *(* Cmaid_Iter_Current_Cb )(Cmaid_Iter *it)
typedef void *(* Cmaid_Iter_Next_Cb )(Cmaid_Iter *it)
typedef void *(* Cmaid_Iter_Previous_Cb )(Cmaid_Iter *it)
typedef void(* Cmaid_Iter_Remove_Cb )(Cmaid_Iter *it)
typedef struct Cmaid_Iter_Interface Cmaid_Iter_Interface

Detailed Description

You only have to deal with the interface structure directly, if you are going to write an implementation of the interface. Else you can safely ignore this.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void*(* Cmaid_Iter_Current_Cb)(Cmaid_Iter *it)

Type definition for the current callback

typedef void*(* Cmaid_Iter_Index_Goto_Cb)(Cmaid_Iter *it, int index)

Type definition for the goto index callback

Type definition for the iter interface

typedef void*(* Cmaid_Iter_Iter_Goto_Cb)(Cmaid_Iter *it, const Cmaid_Iter *to_it)

Type definition for the goto iiter callback

typedef void*(* Cmaid_Iter_Next_Cb)(Cmaid_Iter *it)

Type definition for the next callback

typedef void*(* Cmaid_Iter_Previous_Cb)(Cmaid_Iter *it)

Type definition for the previous callback

typedef void(* Cmaid_Iter_Remove_Cb)(Cmaid_Iter *it)

Type definition for the remove callback

typedef void(* Cmaid_Iter_Start_Cb)(Cmaid_Iter *it)

Type definition for the start callback

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